Edward romero

Shaping the Future at Tata Communications

Innovation is at the heart of Tata Communications, and to stay ahead in the very competitive telecommunications industry they needed to showcase what they do to innovate internally and outside of the company. The mission, to create a website that not only showcased the many statistics related to innovation, but also displayed it in a different, innovative manner.


Creative Direction

Edward Romero



Jane Nevins


User Experience

Edward Romero


User Interface

Edward Romero


Interaction Design

Edward Romero

We decided to use d3.js to help us add a sense of dynamism to the data in order to create a site that is constantly in motion without being overwhelming on desktop and mobile devices. We did this by placing each data point in a dotted ring, the amount of dots and rings depend on the size of the data's number, this give a quick visual aid on volume and quantity.

To add another level of engagement, the different data points were to appear in a fade/zoom-in manner as the user scrolls down the page, making the page a dynamic infographic.